Jan 02

Typing Jobs Online – Are They Legit?

With the current recession hitting the world and Unemployment in the double digits,more and more people are searching for Jobs Online.

If you’ve searched your local newspapers classifieds section lately you have already noticed that the jobs available are ever shrinking and more ads for technical training and online opportunities and biz ops are replacing all the “regular jobs”.

Because of this new massive online job search movement, the scammers and spammers have come out to play and they are making our ability to find gainful employment difficult at best and downright impossible on some sites.jobs online growth chart

Craiglist.org used to be a very reliable site to find jobs locally. Quickly and easily they connected us with employers needing our services – However these digital thieves have placed innocent looking ads all over every category of the jobs section. You click on a job placement ad and you think you’re filling out an application, but whats really happening is you’re about to be spammed with “get rich quick” and nigerian money schemes designed to part you from your hard earned money.

And that’s the best case scenario, worst case scenario is they run identity theft schemes with all that personal information you just gave them and now you have a headache that you currently don’t have the time or the money to deal with.

Well enough is enough already. We found a network of sites online that have banned together to deliver you daily¬† typing jobs online in your area directly to your email inbox and account control panel. You don’t have to pay money for them and they are just real employers and companies needing you to perform simple online tasks… Such as article writing and research, blog writing and story proofing.

This NOT taking surveys and stuff like that. These are REAL typing jobs for REAL people, not some get rich quick scheme or business opportunity. you get paid for what you type – so it pays to type fast, the faster you can type and the more jobs you complete the more money you can make.

This Company even gives you tools to make all your typing jobs go faster and easier with templates, software and tutorials just in case you need a refresher or are learning for the first time how to write an article or blog post for the interwebs.

Here are some proof pictures from the website:

typing jobs checktyping jobs inside account viewMy strong recommendation is that you go and see if you qualify for these typing jobs right now, the longer you wait, the more jobs will go to other people – but no worries new jobs are loaded into your account every single day.

Please leave a comment below and tell all of us about your experience with the typing jobs online network